Notes on Alchemy the Cosmological "Yoga"of Medieval Christianity


Š       By Maurice Aniane


Š       Article appeared in "Material for Thought"Magazine ,San Francisco,Ca.,Spring 1976, which we consider as the most detailed and clear explanation of Alchemy work

Š       ( Opus Alchimicum ).


The meaning of Gold

The Logic of Alchemy


A logic of Reintegration

A logic of War and Love


II.The Phases of the Work


The work of Blackening

The work of Whitening


The work of Reddening


The "Humid Way" and the "Dry Way"


III. Methods

True Imagination


The Breath


The Blood




"Tantrism and Alchemy



(*)Trascriber's note: Potential energy to manifest needs a potential difference- or, more plainly,-a separation of poles.