The changes/evolution of humanity had to be stopped, or at least changed to a most favorable direction for several "groups" out there, the 666 guys, etc. Nevertheless IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! You have seen many "gifts"(mirrors and fake jewelry, etc.) offered to us by some of them, like "advanced tech" -as "med beds".-or plainly a TRANSHUMANISTIC AGENDA, or a NEW OFFICIAL UN«s RELIGION: , etc. The real issue is this:

They even resorted to their silly "black magic" by tumbling down the NY«s "Twin Towers" as to "destroy a symbol" of the phenomena which was going to happen in many places around the world, and which can be described as 1:1 (twin towers) evolution, explained here:


Los cambios / evoluci—n de la humanidad tuvieron que ser detenidos, o al menos cambiados a la direcci—n m‡s favorable para varios "grupos" ah’ afuera, los chicos del 666, etc. ÁSin embargo, ESTç SUCEDIENDO AHORA MISMO! Ha visto muchos "obsequios" (espejos y joyas falsas, etc.) que nos ofrecen algunos de ellos, como "tecnolog’a avanzada" -como "camas mŽdicas" .- o simplemente una AGENDA TRANSHUMANêSTICA, o una NUEVA OFICIAL DE LA ONU RELIGIîN:, etc. El verdadero problema es este:

Incluso recurrieron a su tonta "magia negra" al derribar las "Torres Gemelas" de Nueva York para "destruir un s’mbolo" del fen—meno que iba a suceder en muchos lugares del mundo, y que puede describirse como 1 : 1 (torres gemelas) evoluci—n, explicada aqu’: