Dinosaurs are Dying

In the last times there has been a growing interest in Dinosaurs. It has become almost a symptom of our times or , as the late C.G.Jung should have stated it:

There is a sub-conscious content being constellated.

We are subconsciously thinking that big monsters are doomed to death.

When the Berlin's wall fell down it was because before this a monster had died: The Soviet Union, but not properly the Soviet Union but its Monstrous Government, that was not socialism but corporativism, the same thing it is happening right now with the big corporations of the oriental countries; these were reared and fed by their governments ,or more precisely, by their friends in government, who gave them the people's money.

These dinosaurs have grown too much and the sooner they die the better will be for the world.

They were not looking for a better living, because there is no reason whatsoever for a man to earn, let's say, 50 billion dollars a year instead of 1 billion a year...Can you guess what the difference is?.. It is only plain madness: The unquenchable thirst for power (Or, in some cases, as Japan's, for a secret revenge against America-Don't forget the Oriental saying : "Wait sitting at your door to see the corpse of your enemy pass away"- ).

Work should be the sanctuary of a man's life. A man should work on the things he loves, with his hands, with his intellect, with his emotion. This is the only way his work will not harm others or the environment.

Because of the lack of proportion found in big -dinosaurial- organizations both are affected: man and his environment.

Big corporations should be regarded as evil as the Soviet of the former soviet union, they replace the individual work through which man is dignified.

So there are no such opposition between official communism and occidental corporative capitalism ( in the cases where these do not develop a kind of personal relation to work- a craftman like relation to, maintaining a high respect to individual values and limiting themselves in order not to crash under its own weight), both are aging and decaying dinosaurs that will inevitably die.

Small businesses are the choice, and it is a well and demonstrated fact that the highest revenues are found among these ( not only cash but moral also ).

Let us think about some economic facts:

-The worst business of all is poverty.

-It is not proper to say that where the new wave of neo-liberal capitalism is applied "poor become poorer and rich become richer", the real equation is as follows: "where neo-liberal capitalism is applied poor ones increase in number and the rich ones decrease in number, and...begin to worry: among these, YOU are" .

-When seeking for the cause of unemployment in Europe you can find it in the far east were workers ( in some extreme cases ) are paid with a "ball of rice" every day or - as prisioners in China- with the exact amount of nothing, or in Latin America wherever work has been "flexibilized". These poor people have taken the place of european workers. This is a very bad business indeed...with awesome consequences as this: "Mrs.Fooley Folly won't buy this year her last collection of coats made of hides of animal in peril of extinction"...and this is really a disastrous, unbearable and distressing situation.

-So, the consequence of lowering costs is lowering profits. It doesn't matter how far you go to do it, it will haunt you, and sooner or later its fleshless hand will knock your door...And if you have not understood this I will ask you the following: Who in the world is going to buy your products if the people that are supposed to buy them are jobless ?.

-Wherever work has been "flexibilized" there are no 8 hours shifts anymore...but, if there are less employed people, there are less people to buy, and businesses are collapsing. The mommentum of this phenomena is increasing every time...and this is not a funny thing...remember Mrs.Fooley Folly.

-Social programs are not so bad...these are really to benefit the rich ones.

-A european friend of mine said, when a beggar knocked his door: "When these things happen war comes after", so think twice or better thrice before abolishing social programs or forgetting about human rights.

-So, being altruistic is a good business. But do not suffer in advance...These economic truths are not mathematical functions represented by straight lines; these, as every natural law, are curves with points of inflection; thus I invite you to approach the next maximum value, where markets can be taken to its peak, and in this adventure to care for your wife's coats...She will thank you deeply.

Adolfo Rios Pita Giurfa