The concepts of “good” and “evil” come from an historical error, from a bi-dimensional, flat view of reality, as it does not exist such dichotomy in reality. In the ethical and physical sphere there can only be two basic tendencies of energy: Negentropy and Entropy, the evolution toward more efficient energy states or the gravitational involution, decadence, toward where energy is lost, toward “inferos”, the world below. Then: we have not always been before a flat dichotomy of right and left, “Destra et Sinistra”, but before the moral, the ethical dynamics of “upwards and downwards, this is before a real three dimensional reality of evolution or involution, in the most strict energetic sense: Eros and Tanatos , Life or Death. It is obvious we have been submerged in confusion and ignorance about these simple laws, which the humble pythagorean monochord and the musical scale describe easily and practically, but how may i be able to perceive this dynamic structure in my self?

Sex is the finest energy produced in the human body, and called by G.I.Gurdjieff in his book “All and Everything” “The Sacred Exioehary” and it follows the physical laws of thermodynamics, as pointed out by C.G.Jung in his book “About psychic energetics and the Essence of Dreams” very few people know that such physical principles involve that power is generated when electrical poles are separated and consumed when both polarities short-circuit, as in our caręs battery. This is why, also, chastity is promoted among priests, as to re-direct these energies- which outward manifestation (si-12) would end up engendering a new life (collapse of the wave function into a particle / "sum of vectors" / Sine + Cosine, which like the "electricity" that reaches your house and in the motor of the blender is transformed, again, into "force" /”work”/ "gravity"),  this time instead a “baby”  (sexual energy at the state of mi-12) this time to the interior, with the purpose of building up a "second body”,etc. or soul (chapter 9th); but they lack the knowledge that such a procedure or method implies knowing that libido, sex, it is a dynamic (movable, not static) issue and this practice should be preceded by the psychological practice of separation of object and subject: the practice of "self remembering" and the non mechanical manifestation (inwardly or outwardly) of "negative emotions" (both efforts will produce mi-12, sexual energy at the state of "emanations”, which can crystallize as a second body) it is also needed to say that , in polar reality, there is also polarity/sex  in between each center/brain in between similar systems/center/brains, and consequently becoming aware of the generation of actual "tensions" or "forces" in our psyche. if we "dream" about psychic powers or "activating our DNA” without generating and accumulating in us enough sexual energy, we will be, indeed, just dreaming.

Opposites, by nature, attract between themselves: they are in need to fulfill unity, as sine of "y" at 0ľ and cosine of "y" at 180ľ, “anima mercurii“ and “sulphur”, fatally attracted in between, dancing and moving the universe.


The maximum "power", of course, happens when each one of them detects, perceives the presence of its counterpart "out-there".....but, as it happens in any electric arrangement, whenever both interact power develops.. but, when does such a pair of forces can produce more permanent or constant emissions?- being electro-magnetic active: When are they at its maximum, so they could keep delivering a constant power?: when they are at 90ľ, then they become a pair of the kind of "electricity" and "magnetism"  and, in between them it is produced what we call an electrostatic field, which, if kept enough time, without discharging , it can “crystallize”(“soul”).

Other wise if getting too close vectors "add" , so the resultant force turns around 180ľ degrees…(btw, this is the way your kitchen mixer works)..And that is a very weighty it is what we then call it "gravity" (btw: this is why a synonym of being "pregnant" is being in a “gravid state" ......) and that is why, also, when somebody is “grave” it is because he/she has accumulated too much “gravity”.

All this necessarily leads us to the question: How do we increase our vitality, insofar as it depends on the higher energy of our physical body?

This goes back to before Adam and Eve left paradise (we must bear in mind here that both symbolic beings did not exist "in illo tempore" but continue to exist in an eternal present), "before" Eve ate from the " apple ”offered by the“ Kundalini serpent ”, prior to the fact that it unconsciously squandered its vital energy.

Thus, we can increase our vital force, making rational and discriminated use of our libido; this will lead us to the state in which it "saturates" our physical body, manifesting itself in it as an increased sensitivity, which opens the way to metaphysics (meta = beyond, physis = nature). It is also for this reason that those individuals who exhibit parapsychological capacities simultaneously present a greater natural accumulation of energies, superior to the rest.

It is also worth knowing here what is known to very few: the customs of some peoples that traditionally practice "circumcision" or ablation of the "clitoris", was actually established thousands of years ago, with the purpose of developing a greater differentiation between both sexes, thus intervening in the human capacity for knowledge, as it was done with the changes of "calendars" so that we lose the ability to recognize the cycles of nature


“ But if the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way”. By this is meant the bodily union of man and woman which spring sons and daughters. The fool wastes the most precious jewel of his body in uncontrolled pleasure, and does not know how to conserve the power of his seed. When it is finished, the body perishes. The Holy and Wise men have no other way of taking care of their lives except by destroying lusts and safeguarding the seed. The seed that is conserved is transformed into power, and the power, when there is enough of it, makes the creatively strong body. The difference shown by ordinary people depends only upon how they apply the downward-flowing way or the backward-flowing way.”(*)

(R.Wilhelm, C.G.Jung: “The Secret of the Golden Flower”)

(*) Summarizing: Being "impeccable (" not-sinning "), in the terms of Carlos Castaneda's teacher, Don Juan:


“A sorcerer lives an impeccable life, and that seems to beckon the solution. Why? No one knows."

"Impeccability, as I have told you so many times, is not morality," he said. "It only resembles morality”.

“Impeccability is simply the best use of our energy level. Naturally, it calls for frugality, thoughtfulness, simplicity, innocence; and above all, it calls for lack of self-reflection. All this makes it sound like a manual for monastic life, but it isn't”.

"Sorcerers say that in order to command the spirit, and by that they mean to command the movement of the assemblage point, one needs energy. The only thing that stores energy for us is our impeccability."


Which means that it really is an "objective morality", based on the physical laws of Thermodynamics: If as a result of your actions you increase your energy, it is evolutionary ("good"), if you lose energy, it is involutive ("bad ”).


(Explanatory note: It is not "outwards" but rather NOT IDENTIFICATION, SEPARATION between opposites, as in the battery of your car: if the anode and cathode are not separated, the battery will be "crossed", short-circuited, and the car will not start. It is NOT the "sex" that we know, is rather the "libido", the energy of life, which is not manifested either as "sex" or as "emotions", hysteria, etc. but rather as a PRAYER where we are not " attracted ", in constant" distraction ", but where I accept my present condition and I stay here and now: This energy that remains with me attracts in its aid the great energy of eternity that surrounds us to balance it, increases it and it develops as an inward octave, which leads to attunement to higher frequencies of knowledge, to a higher level of being)