In 1963, while I was working in a foundry's sand lab I accidentally poured hot sand on a transparent cellulose sheet – as those that were used in files to preserve common paper sheets- and it shrank about ten times its original size, without changing its relative proportions. Holes -three- kept its shape, the words "made in USA" were notably much smaller but looked the same. This effect could be generalized as follows:

    " When energy is applied on an object in a pinpointed and regularly distributed way, and in the necessary amount and the required wave length, it creates stresses that make distance among atoms shorter, therefore increasing the density of the object without changing its relative dimensions.This could be understood geometrically, by saying that what happens is that we have hot points surrounded by cold spaces or high energy spots surrounded by low energy spaces and as heat causes expansion and cold shrinkage the total effect of hot points and surrounded cold spaces results in an homogeneous shrinkage."

    This same method was applied-many years ago- by the "jibaros"( pronounciation: "heevahrohs") of the amazon jungle to reduce human heads. Again, this same method could be used to increase the probability of neutron collision with the nucleus of atoms, making perhaps easier and cheaper atomic fission. ( applying , perhaps, laser beams )or to expand/contract density.


    Adolfo Rios Pita Giurfa

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