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Active zinc oxide
Aluminum tri-chloride

Aluminum hydroxide (gel) ,from aluminum scrap.
Aluminum hydroxide (crystals- raw material for Al salts ) from aluminum scrap

Aluminum, poly-aluminum chloride (PAC)

Aluminum sulfate out of aluminum scrap.

Aluminum sulfate out of aluminum scrap

Double Aluminum ammonium sulfate, for the paper industry.

Aluminum chloride for water treatment, from kaolins.

Antimony metal extraction from stibnite

Antimony trioxide from antimony metal.

Black iron Oxide (synthetic magnetite)
Blue (Iron)-Prussian blue-

Bismuth Brown

Bismuth oxychloride (synthetic nacar)

Cadmium pigments, type: "Cadmium Pure" y "Cadmiopones" :Primrose yellow, yellows deep, oranges and reds.(*)
Cadmium oxide -wet method-

Cadmium Selenite.
Chrome green

Chrome, zinc chromate (lemon shade)

Chrome, zinc chromate (transparent shade)

Chrome, lead chromate (yellow deep hue)
Chrome, lead chromate (lemon)
Copper sulphate

Copper tribasic sulphate (“Basicop”)

Copper oxychloride

Copper oxychloride (nano)

Copper-Calcium tri-basic sulphate (“Bordeaux Mixture”)

Copper Carbonate from sulphate

Copper Carbonate from COC

Copper Carbonates light & heavy

Copper Oxide I, cuprous red

Copper Oxide I, cuprous orange

Copper Oxide I, cuprous yellow

Copper Oxide II, Cupric oxide (wet method)

Copper Oxide II (dry method)

Copper Hydroxide from COC

Copper Hydroxide from Sulphate (“Crompton”type)

Copper Hydroxide/phosphate (Silicones´catalyzer)

Copper fluoborate.
Copper systemic (“Phyton” type)

Copper acetate

Copper and Arsenic recovery out of copper refineries stripping cells

Copper sulphides leaching

CC Wood preservative: Ammoniacal copper citrate.
Other copper salts,

Copper nanoparticles

Cotton microfibers. Chemical method

Ferrous sulphate, heptahydrated, from scrap and/or magnetite/iron oxides

Ferrous sulphate mono,di, tetra hydrated, “feed grade”

Ferrous sulphate, heptahydrated USP grade

Ferrous sulphate, monohydrated USP WET METHOD-“A”

Ferrous sulphate, monohydrated USP WET METHOD – “B”

Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3.H2O)Iron Yellow ochre.

Ferrous Carbonate.

Ferrous fumarate USP

Ferrous citrate

Ferric Sulphate from Magnetite

Ferric chloride, poly ferric aluminum chloride (water treatment)

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate flakes, etc

Magnesium sulphate, heptahydrated

Magnesium oxide high purity

Magnesium citrate

Manganese oxide I, Manganous oxide

Manganese Sulphate from pyrolusite.

Lead extraction from Lead-Silver residues of zinc refineries

Lead white (lead sulphate)

Mercury and selenium extraction from zinc refineries washing towers dust flues. Wet method.

Nickel nanoparticles

Nickeline/Nickelite (Nickel Arsenide) leaching

Protein, extraction from soybean etc.

Protein, liquid.

Chelates for agriculture

Selenious Acid

Silver nitrate

Silver nanoparticles

Sodium selenite

Stannous sulphate (three methods)

Other Metal nanoparticles

Zinc sulphate, heptahydrated, from zinc residues.

Zinc sulphate, mono hydrated.